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t das entscheidende Kapital. Deshalb ist der Kern des Wissensmanagements nicht das Verwalten von Daten, sondern das Generieren von Wissen, um Neues und Einzigartiges zu schaffen. Das Heartbeat-Modell© schlägt dabei die entscheidende Brücke zwischen strategischem Marketing und Wissensmanagement und schafft damit eine Basis für Weiterentwicklung und Innovation.

  Knowledge is the essential asset. That is why knowledge management is not about administrating data but about generating knowledge aiming at advancement. Therefore, the Heartbeat-Model© bridges the gap between strategic marketing und knowledge management - defining a basis for uniqueness and innovation.

The Heartbeat-Model© supports linking all relevant players and aspects within an organisation or venture to generate and benefit from knowledge. This way, an organisation or venture becomes a knowledge-generator.

Like an organism's heartbeat, choosing its speed triggered by internal and external impulses, the Heartbeat-Model© manages all relevant aspects within a network of relations. Using the "Value-Added-Circle" as a vital instrument, the Heartbeat-Model ©  reveals the entire potential which knowledge management can offer.

The basics of the Heartbeat-Model© have been published as book already.