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  When it comes to change and innovation, smart communication is an essential success factor. This is not just about a proper communication mix, though, but about a well-designed exchanging and convincing process.

It is about a smart overall concept delivering the right message in the right way to the right stakeholders.

This is exactly what Communicatement©is about. Embracing all relevant aspects that are crucial for smart communication, this approach is not based on classic patterns of communication, though. Moreover, it sets the focus on various stakeholders and their different stakes and needs creating a well-balanced system.

Therefore, Communicatement© is most suitable for these tasks:

• Communicating new ideas or facts
  (e.g. research results or pitchings)
• Communicating change or innovation(s)
  (e.g. behaviour, products)
Internal communication
  (e.g. organisations, teams)
Connecting communication
  (e.g. cooperations)