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Go Digital



  Going digital does not simply mean to “make” existing structures and processes digital. Digitalisation is about a fundamentally different way of thinking and acting. Therefore, it is crucial to answer important basic questions before working on digital tasks. These questions are not necessarily connected to technological aspects, since going digital is not a question of IT in the first place.

First of all, digitalisation needs to seek transformation from

• hierarchic to a cooperative cultures
• linear "pipelines" to multi-dimensional platforms
• value-chains to a value-networks
• customer-supplier-relations to an eco-system

Therefore, every digital activity begins with creating a solid conceptional basis. Such basis then delivers substantial aspects for any technological and process-relevant decision-making.

That is why the focus needs to be set on:

• sustainable cultural change
• a solid impact and using concept
• a clear catalogue of goals
• a proper positioning and integration
• a well set-up brand

This is exactly what the Transformatement© was created for. It helps to work on all relevant aspects on a tailor-made basis. Transformatement delivers concrete results being designed in a way that allows to integrate IT, processes, and cultural aspects in a smooth manner.


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