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  Knowledge is the essential asset. That is why knowledge management is not about administrating data but about generating knowledge aiming at advancement. Therefore, the Heartbeat-Model© bridges the gap between strategic marketing und knowledge management - defining a basis for uniqueness and innovation.

The Heartbeat-Model© supports linking all relevant players and aspects within an organisation or venture to generate and benefit from knowledge. This way, an organisation or venture becomes a knowledge-generator.

Like an organism's heartbeat, choosing its speed triggered by internal and external impulses, the Heartbeat-Model© manages all relevant aspects within a network of relations. Using the "Value-Added-Circle" as a vital instrument, the Heartbeat-Model ©  reveals the entire potential which knowledge management can offer.

The basics of the Heartbeat-Model© have been published as
book already.



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  When it comes to shaping future-options, it is about leaving well-known patterns of thinking and acting taking on new, out-of-the-box perspectives. This is exactly what blueformance's Future-Factory can offer. Here, organisations or ventures can apply the toolbox to create and shape future-options - from the very first idea to a marketable solution. To make this concrete, the Future-Factory uses a special procedure: the Futurizer©. This procedure offers a specific mix of process-design and workshops based on 3 specifically developed methods:

- Cross Perspectives © (developing new perspectives)
- Lateral Creation © (lateral thinking and acting)
- Open Building © (effective ways of implementing):

Tasks the Futurizer© can help to work on:

- developing new perspectives
- developing future-ideas

- developing ventures
- developing new products

- advancing the existing

The Futurizer© is offered to organisations or ventures on a taylor-made and exclusive basis. Both scope and time frame are based on a common agreement. Depending on the tasks defined, the toolbox and its solutions can be applied exactly where needed calling in experts in various fields.

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